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Hit this link to find out more and keep on Black Sky Thinking. As a wholly independent publication, we rely entirely on our ad bookings to keep The Quietus going. Please whitelist our site in order to continue to access The Quietus. A Quietus Interview: Black Midi. Seeing Is Disbelieving Aretha Franklin. Stockhausen's Licht Opera Most Bonkers. Quietus Merch! Shop Here. Support The Quietus Make a Contribution. I can skip eating and all other activities just to get my long sleep. I just happened on this article and read your comment. I can totally relate. I have been a long sleeper since birth.

It was so, so difficult, beyond what I thought it would be.

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It has affected my ability to be the kind of parent I want to be, and I feel terrible about that. I feel even worse because my second child has it too. He struggles with school because of the early morning classes, and it really has made his life difficult. I am a busy type person with a tendency to have very high expectations about work productivity. I drive myself to the end of my tether. Most of the time, I sleep well. I monitor myself so as not to burn out, which I have done enough times to learn the negative and sometimes consequences the hard way.

The Long Sleep

The comments and stories on this thread have helped me in that regard. Thanks to all contributors. I agree with moving to our own isolated New World, where everyone gets at least 10 hours of sleep every night without judgment! If I sleep less than 10 hours I feel sleepy and yawn all day long, but if I sleep 10 hours I feel good. I thought it was something wrong with me so I was wondering if this is normal and I see that others experience this as well.

If I sleep 6 hours at night, after I take my kids to school, I come back nd sleep 4 more hours. That will be awesome! This is great, comrades in sleep! I go to bed at 8 and get up at 7, but this morning 8. It takes me a full hour to wake up. Once awake, I feel like a powerhouse, can do strenuous physical labor for hours on end, way more than others my age. People tell me they are envious that I can sleep that way, they want to do it too.

I concur as I credit the way I can sleep to not aging as my friends have.

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All my friends are getting old and I am not! I tell them to sleep! I fought with my doctor about being chronically tired because I thought it was due to my thyroid meds being low. I feel best when I get hours of sleep. For 30 years of work, I slept hours and always felt tired. I would sleep on the weekend for hours and feel better, and then do the same thing next week.

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I think this is all somehow related to autoimmune disorders. It is difficult to get this amount of sleep and also work and have a normal life.

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  7. I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and I take an anticonvulsant seizure-free for 14 yrs. I appreciate this article; now I can relax about my long sleep nights. Wow i never realized so many others had these issues. Im lucky and learned to work for myself and make my own schedule after loosing many jobs when i was younger for being late all the time. I am consistently awake for 24 to 30 hours then sleep for 12 to 18 hours. I wake up not knowing for sure the day but i always feel rested and have plenty of energy it just sucks because every few days i sleep the day away.

    I have wonderful self control but this is something i can not get under control. If i dont sleep at least 12 hours i am falling asleep when i should be awake and am tired literally all the time. Drives me nuts. Thankfully i have learned to live with it. After reading through half of these comments, I felt compelled to add my own experience. As a child, I suffered from extreme anxiety that would keep me awake.

    I would hide under the covers with a flashlight or inside my closet reading books until am when I had school the next morning. Needless to say, the public school system made me permanently sleep deprived. From my understanding, children and teenagers need on average more sleep than adults. During my teen years, the same situation continued with staying up late on school nights.

    Only at this time, I began sleeping hours a night on the weekends to catch up. As an adult, this developed into non 24 hour sleep wake disorder due to my long sleeping. Let me explain: One day I sleep 12 hours and wake up at 2pm. Thus I am charged and able to stay awake another 16 hours until 6am. Then I sleep 15 hours walking at 11pm. This cycle continues around and around with me waking and sleeping at various times. My body has zero internal clock.

    I blame this completely on the fact that the public school system has zero sympathy for those with irregular sleep patterns.

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    I believe I would have been a natural 12am-8am sleeper had it not been for the mistakes in my schedule. I have been experiencing long sleeping since birth. My mom has always told me that even as an infant, she had to wake me to feed me, change me and play with me. I also have excessive daytime drowsiness. At least once every few weeks I will have a sleep marathon where I sleep for hrs straight.

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    I go right back to sleep and simply can not wake tf up!! It is ruining my life!!

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    I HAVE to go to sleep, even after 12 hrs of sleep. I also fall asleep in public dr offices, anywhere quiet for 10 mins. It totally embarrasses my family. Hi, I am 35yrs old and for about 5 yrs now I have been sleeping alot. I mean more than a normal person should. It started as I would just take naps during the day. I now wake at 4am. I have 3 kids 2 10yr olds and a 5yr old. If you have this issue and know what might be causing it, advice is greatly appreciated.

    If I went to bed at 10 I would fall asleep fast but be tired in the morning 8 hours of sleep. Feeling great with lots of energy. If I sleep eight hours it will be a bad day for me.

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