Rama and the Dragon

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    metcuevinny.tk Plamen Chetelyazov. Linda Pearce. The Storyteller. Adib Khan. Sita and Lakshman Rama's brother go with him into the forest. Rama and his brother Lakshman enlist the help of the Monkeys and the Bears to search for Sita. Hanuman the monkey heads the band as General. The band discover that Lanka is an island in the middle of the ocean. Hanuman leaps to the island. He find Sits and gives her Rama's ring and promises she will be saved. Hanuman is captured. His tail is set alight by Ravana.

    Hanuman escapes. Hanuman flies to the Himalayas to get the magic healing herb to save Lakshman. Hanuman brings back the whole mountain. Lakshman is saved. Sita proves her innocence by walking through fire, the flames turn to flowers. The band go home, crossing the whole of India. As they walk people leave lamps on their doorsteps to light the path. This is still celebrated today as Divali.

    Ravana, King of the Demons, with 10 heads and 20 arms, watches Sita in the forest and falls in love with her. Ravana gets his evil servant, Maricha, to disguise himself as a golden deer and tempt Rama and Lakshman away from Sita. Lakshman draws a circle in the dust around Sita to protect her and tells her not to step out of the circle. Ravana disguises himself as an old beggar man and begs Sita for food and drink. Sita takes pity on him and steps out of the circle. The beggar man becomes Ravana.

    Ravana catches Sita in his arms and pulls her into his magic flying chariot, Pushpak, which is like an aeroplane, but is powered by thought. Ravana is a very clever King and the inventor of many things, among them the aeroplane. Sita cries for help and throws her necklace to the ground, in the hope that Rama might save her. They meet Sugreeva the Monkey King.

    He agrees that the Monkeys will join the search and the Monkey Hanuman will be General and lead the band.

    Rama and the Dragon Rama and the Dragon
    Rama and the Dragon Rama and the Dragon
    Rama and the Dragon Rama and the Dragon
    Rama and the Dragon Rama and the Dragon
    Rama and the Dragon Rama and the Dragon

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