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Granted they are very similar, but there are definite differences. And not the type of differences made by adding more tattooing. There are places that are tattooed in one photo and not tattooed in a later photo. Or, tattooed in a different manner. Something is not right here. Are we all so smitten by celebs that we trust everything we see and hear?

WTF, people. Or, any of dozens of techniques to mark our skin. Christ is al Massieh.. Hence Christianity in Arabic is Massiehiya.. The anti-christ is also called Massieh Dajjal in arabic … wonder which Massieh Rihanna is referring to -Christ or Antichrist.

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And Rihanna having 19 tattoos on her body which looks awesome on her curvy shape body.. Love your Tattoos rihanna. They are differentiated by the symbols nearby. Rihannas tattoo has a throne on the head of the goddess, which means it is actually Isis. In addition, the Goddess are distinguished by their symbols, nnd the tattoo Rihanna has a throne, representative symbol of the goddess Isis. I love Rihanna and I love her tattoos. Not a fan of all of them, but all of them ARE well done.!

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The ones that stand out the most to me are the Nefertiti and Isis ones. Those are beautiful! On 9 October , she got a traditional Ta Moko tattoo on her right hand. It is of arrows, lines and a few stars. Lol no she didnt get a Ta Moko done at all, she got a tattoo done in New Zealand in the traditional way that a Ta Moko is done but that doesnt make it one.

The unknown language is indeed Tibetan. I highly doubt she will regret a single one!! I have 3 tattoos and I can guarantee I will never regret them or the ones I will be getting in the future. Just because some people frown upon tattoos does not mean it is stupid!

All of my tattoos have very deep meaning. It is not your body so maybe you should not worry about it! Sigh, not everything revolves around the way YOUR mind processes things, obviously. If your so closed minded what is your purpose on this page? Poor Sigh. I feel your pain. The stupidest ones seem to be the ones who think they know the most. I love how every comment here is exactly the same…. You are the greatest!

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And Rhianna is a retard. And for the record neither is Shaquanda. That goes for you too, Keyshone. Also you seem to be incredibly racist and offensive to people with mental illnesses. Have fun being a hateful sack of crap! For your information, ignorant fool, people in Barbados tend to give names of Arabic origin, hers being one of them. As they were probably of equal intellect as yourself, please do the world a favor and stop breeding, you imbecile. Stupidity: people who waste their time to make ignorant comments that are pointless abstrud , untrue and meaningless.

Cute though. Hm… except, shes a super hit, world class pop singer… she definitely has the intellect to express herself clearly. I want to get in touch with Rihanna I have been to hell and back and her songs helped me get through them. I have a deep warm heart similar to her clearly she believes in second chances. I Have become that way as well I love her soothing voice. Chimed with her speaking accent. I love the mystery she has. Great article. Love Rihanna and her tatties. Ignorant Americans are caught up in the glorified illusions of celebrities.

Do you guys know who ISIS is??? Read your bible! Know who isis is and her son, horus!!!! It is also VERY satanic to tilt the cross in anyway. Buyers be aware!

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We all need to take time to pray for forgiveness as well as repentance! Satan is nearing….

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Leave a Comment. Awais, PacificCoastNews. Jean Catuffe, Pacific Coast News. She got one too. Albert L. Rihanna Outfits. Jenna Ushkowitz. Danielle Lloyd. Katie Price. Nia Lovelis. Sara Forsberg. Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Kate Del Castillo. Madison Beer. Amira McCarthy. Michelle Blanchard. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email. I love Rihanna shes my passion in life and she inspires me to make music. God bless her! Which part is hard to understand? Riri yu the best, love those tattoos yu always nail it. What a buffoon.

Well im only 19 an i have as many tattoos as riri has…so dnt judge. And baseless, broad — sweeping insults are for narrow minded idiots. A different goddess. I lovve Rihanna and all her tattoos…m a big Fan. Rihanna awesome tattoos love the 1 on your Hand I love to get the exact same 1 done. You sir are very disrespectful and I pray that God has mercy on your soul. I love your style I love your music I love everything about you.

Oh, come on. A statement like that only express your lack of intellect. Awesome tattoos-i think theres one tattoo missing though - Navy. Fat love i have for you. With flesh forever marked with the comics and sci-fi characters they know and love, geeks like Boyce would give a pack of hard-core bikers a run for their money in the tattoo department. Are you sporting skin art inspired by comics, sci-fi, horror or even really freaky stuff like math and physics? Send us a photo. Wonder Woman struts her stuff on Boyce's right bicep, but his tattoos cover both of his arms.

Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008 Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008
Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008 Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008
Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008 Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008
Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008 Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008
Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008 Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008
Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008 Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 2008

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