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Some criteria I used to decide whether to include an entity on this list include:. Pseudomonarchia daemonum or Dictionnaire Infernal or is included in a magickal text e. In later writings, Abaddon is personified as the king of the abyss who can command an army of locusts to torment men. Abaddon Read More. The name Abraxas was taken from abra-cadabra.

Abraxas Read More. He was also the god in 2 Kings to whom the Sepharvites worshiped through human sacrifice.

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Adramelech Read More. Agares Read More. Take Course. Ahriman Read More. Alastor Read More. They are usually red, and carry pitchforks which allow them to teleport. This fusion fits within Equestria's broad definition of a demon. Once Celestia learns of this, she orders him to be observed by the Paladin Order. In Thousand Shinji : The Keeper of Secrets is a daemon of the Warhammer 40, universe, created by one of the Chaos Gods and unable to survive out of its home dimension.

Demonology: List of Demon Names, Devils, & Evil Spirits

In The Mansionverse , emons are similar to ghosts, but were never alive in the first place, being purely ectoplasmic spirits. They take a wide variety of forms and, indeed, are skilled shapeshifters , and are very magically powerful. Not all demons are evil, although a vast majority of them are most of those live in the Underworld and can be summoned. Films — Live-Action. They are ancient and serpentine in appearance, and hold lordship over all nightmares. They find the most evil human imaginable, who they will grant the power to turn dreams into reality.

They chose Freddy Krueger, and made him immortal too. The genie race in the Wishmaster series are largely merged with much of the folklore about demons. The Djinn are one of three entities made by God the others are Angels and Humans while demons are not stated to exist as separate beings, the wish-granting is identical to a Deal with the Devil since the Djinn's prize is the wisher's soul, and their home dimension is almost identical to Fire and Brimstone Hell , where the souls he collects are gathered to suffer eternal torture.

Ferriman in Ghost Ship is a wicked former human who became a servant of Hell because of his sins. He collects souls for his infernal masters, calling himself a "salvager". He doesn't make deals, and instead tries to tempt people into committing crimes out of the sin of Greed to damn their own souls, which he can then take "home" when he fills his quotum.

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He can shapeshift, recover from gunshot wounds, and mark ghosts to become his servants in death. Though not stated as such in the film itself, the title monster of The Babadook is this sort of creature. Stitches : These are manipulative fiends who wear perfect disguises made of human skin and trap souls in horrible fates via deals. Jack-O : These are pumpkin-headed beings who act as automatons for powerful sorcerers.

Little Evil : These are giant, flaming, skeletal monsters who are trapped in hell and can only escape via sacrificing half-demon children. Dead Before Dawn : These are dark spirits that can cause suicides and raise the dead. Bedeviled : These are humanoid creatures from Another Dimension that can interact with ours via digital signals.

They can also create constructs from thin air. Tales of Halloween : These are Horned Humanoid monsters who can take more human forms and love murder. However, deapite that deacriptor, they aren't Always Chaotic Evil. Some are vigilantes who bring Karmic Death on the wicked. Die You Zombie Bastards! The Slaughter : These are terrifying Humanoid Abominations from prehistoric times, who have magical powers and can control the dead.

Flesh for the Beast : These are incorporeal succubi who have their souls bound to human bodies via Human Sacrifice.

Return 2 Games | Book of Demons

Bird Box : Charlie's theory in regards to the creatures' posits them as being demons or something like it, showing people their dead relatives or worst fears and causing irresistible suicidal urges as a result. While his theory on their origin is never confirmed, it is shown that the victims are drawn to visions of past regrets, such as the woman who tried to save Malorie on the street.

Bloody Mallory : There's two varieties: Common demons, a nearly Always Chaotic Evil group of humanoid beings, and super demons, fallen angels who are immensely powerful and have enslaved the common demons. The Seventh Curse : These are vicious creatures that eat human flesh and only speak in growls.

They're blue, skeletal and have pure white eyes int heir base form, but have a super form that resembles a Xenomorph with bat wings.

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Dead Birds : If demons is even the right term for them. Dust Devil : While the term "demon" is never used, the Dust Devils certainly seem demonic. Black Butler : These appear human, but are completely immune to harm by Earthly objects, can throw a butter knife with the strength to make it cut through bone, and can move faster than the naked eye. They can be bound to contracts to serve humans, but are simply waiting until it's met to eat their souls. In Shaman of the Undead , they are entities that live on the other side of the mirrors in various hells, although most seems to be ruled by the Tempter.

They can possess people, and people "tainted" by black magic and demonic possession may become demons themselves. Most of them crave human flesh and souls, although some like Bad Luck satisfy themselves with pranks. In Piers Anthony 's Xanth series, there are traditional "minor" demons tempt humans, collect souls, horns, tails, etc. The smaller demons are also not necessarily evil though they usually lack souls. Males tend to be big bullies, although some like Beauregard can get along fine with mortals. Females tend to be more naughtily sexy than malevolent.

And all bets are off should any of them receive all or part of a soul: it tends to make evil monsters into good guys. As for the big, cosmically powered ones, they are also not evil, although they basically view mortal creatures as insignificant ants, and use them as the pieces in their big universal chess game. Dora Wilk calls all citizens of hell "hellians" and divides them into devils fallen angels and demons and czarts , who lived there before devils arrived and took charge. All three groups are super-strong and look like humans, although some odd horn or strangely-colored eye might come in play and demons have bristles instead of hair.

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Demons are stronger, have magical powers and are divided into Families of Anger, Temptation, Chaos and Beasts, and czarts are less powerful, but independent and more humanlike. The title character of Isaac Asimov 's "Azazel" series of short stories is just out to help people Though he may actually just be a Sufficiently Advanced Alien. Also, he's only two centimeters tall. And the Unreliable Narrator may be making him up.

In the Myth Adventures series by the late Robert Asprin, "demon" is just a corrupted form of "dimension traveler", meaning that the term takes in a wide variety of species - and that humans who travel to another dimension are also regarded as "demons" there. Some demons look the part, like the horned, red-skinned, goat-legged Deveels, but even they're just avaricious Space Jews. Scott Bakker's Second Apocalypse , demons called ciphrang are incorporeal beings from the Outside who are summoned by Functional Magic to take physical form in the world.

Ciphrang vary in power, but the strongest are a match for the strongest sorcerers. They find the physical world painful and hate every second of being inside of it. The cost of summoning them is that after the summoner dies, the demon will torture him forever out of revenge. Some people don't think the cost that high in a world where sorcerers are considered damned anyway. Each host, after an initial temptation , took up one of the thirty titular denarii the thirty pieces of silver given to Judas for betraying Christ.

Each of the Fallen lives within its human host , who grants him or her various abilities such as Voluntary Shapeshifting. If a host is killed, the coin he or she holds comes out of the corpse, which reverts to human form, and attempts to catch another host. They are specifically known as the Fallen though. In addition, there are a variety of super-demons known as Outsiders that come from outside reality itself. These are considered so horrible and dangerous that any wizard who summons one or even seeks out detailed information about them is sentenced to death.

Also, one of the Senior Council members, the Gatekeeper, has it as his job description to keep the Outsiders from getting in.

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Aral Gamelon and the Shadow Realm are the realms most often mentioned as source for demons. There are many different kinds; the only commonality is that they can be summoned and controlled by sorcerers or alternatively bargained with. As a consequence, some of the demons seen in action are gentle souls who just want to go home to their old life as a humble extradimensional peasant, for example Lilac the Kenyll'rah in Midnight Tides. In Toll the Hounds , High Alchemist Baruk manages to capture a demon who looks suspiciously human and likely stems from the Crippled God's home realm.

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They can be summoned to make a Deal with the Devil for things such as magical knowledge, assassination, or in one case giving legal testimony. Demons often attempt to manipulate the deal in order to take the summoner into the Ever After and enslave them as a Familiar which is considered a Fate Worse than Death. Later on, it is revealed that the demons are the ancestors of the Witch Species of the series.

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  5. An ancient elven curse reduced the demons' fertility, resulting in their offspring being short-lived and unable to combine ley line magic with earth magic, cutting them off from the most powerful spells a demon can perform. These became the first generation of the witches. Douglas Hill's young-adult novels Blade of the Poisoner and Master of Fiends featured demons that resembled everything from giant vultures to grotesque crystalline golems to Eldritch Abominations.

    They were all hard to kill to some degree or another , and all uniformly nasty. Lewis ' The Screwtape Letters is an exploration of what sort of society demons might have. The demons' physical form is not described though when Screwtape gets particularly infuriated he becomes a large centipede, requiring him to fetch a secretary to take dictation , but Hell is sort of like a Police State full of Corrupt Corporate Executives - ordered under Satan, but still squabbling and infighting amongst themselves. In the Colt Regan universe, Demon is a sort of catchall term for various types of extraplanar beings with whose traits vary wildly from type to type.

    Often containing one or more than one of the common traits listed above. Nasuverse demons are rather unique in that they are described as an actual 'substance' in and of themselves.

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