August Ice (2nd Edition)

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There are many of these areas on The Big Devil due to the fact that it has risen over 30 feet over the last years.

Sloughs, stock ponds, lagoons, and road ditches have all been swallowed up by the rising waters. In fact, our 3 favorite early ice Perch locations fall into the category of depressions. Many of these depressions are not terribly large and can be thoroughly searched in a short period of time by a small group of people. They also give us the opportunity to Walleye fish and Perch fish at the same time in the same location. We will take you through what a few of these areas are going to look like and how we would attack them. Surprisingly, there are a number of these structures on Devils Lake.

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The Walleye in the feature picture was caught on the middle hump of one of these structures. That middle hump provides a prime ambush area for big walleyes to lay in wait and ambush from below.

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Similar to the lagoons, this type of depression on Devils lake provides a couple of those ambush areas to focus the Walleye Golden Hour on before we move out onto the depression itself to Perch Search. These have always intrigued me as often times they are just smack dab in the middle of a structureless plain out in the water cow pasture anyone? Giving artificial structure to an otherwhise flat basin is ideal structure to target as that structure is going to attract a lot of fish attention. These give us a double ambush area that are both usually pretty close together and then kind of a runway.

He was a believer in industrial and technical development, and claimed also that emancipation of women would come as a consequence of technical progress.

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Supported by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and funded by people like King Oscar II and Alfred Nobel , his polar exploration project was the subject of enormous interest and was seen as a brave and patriotic scheme. This was not directed flight, however; already at the lift-off the gondola had lost two of the three sliding ropes that were supposed to drag on the ice and thus function as a kind of rudder this was observed by the ground crew.

And within ten hours of lift-off, they were caught by powerful winds from a storm raging in the area. The heavy winds continued and, together with the rain creating ice on the balloon, impeded the flight. For these reasons, they were forced down onto the ice, though the landing was conducted in a semi-controlled way rather than actually crashing. The expedition was well equipped for travelling on the ice three sledges and a boat and had supplies for three months; also there were three deposits in northern Svalbard and one in Franz Josef Land. They set off eastbound for the latter, but after a week they had moved west due to the currents which moved the ice.

They then changed direction towards northern Svalbard; movement was slowed down by ice drift and by the craggy surface of the pack ice. The three had to pull the sledges themselves, and despite good reserves of food, added to by their shooting polar bears, the efforts against the moving, uneven ice wore them out.

They perished there, probably within two weeks after landfall. Most modern writers agree that Nils Strindberg died within a week of arrival: he was buried among the rocks though no marker was placed on his grave while the other two men were later found in the tent.

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It is likely that Strindberg met his end at this point. It has not been possible to establish the reason for his death. Suicide which would have been possible with opium is very unlikely in his case even though by this time all three no doubt realized they would die.

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Mykonos WHITE party / 2nd edition

Whatever Strindberg might have felt about the outcome of the expedition, it is near certain that he would have judged the option of suicide as treachery to his fellow explorers. The diary notes of the expedition indicate that all three men were sometimes plagued by digestive trouble, illness and exhaustion during the trek over the sea ice. The ultimate cause of death probably had something to do with the ingestion of polar bear flesh carrying Trichinella parasites, [ citation needed ] which were found in the remains of a polar bear on the spot examined by the Danish physician Ernst Tryde and published in a book in called "The Dead on White Island".

There is no doubt that the men became infected at some point during the ice trek, though the exact time span is unclear and this matters because humans normally develop immunity to trichinosis if they survive the first wave of infection. When they arrived at White Island they were suffering from recurrent diarrhea. A plausible indication of this is that some of the provisions they brought ashore obviously after a few days of scouting to the west were unloaded and left near the water and not carried to a safer place near the camp.

To account for the unburned amount of fuel in the stove Stefansson referred to his own experience with malfunctioning stoves that required regular pumping up to keep burning.

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In his opinion they had not lost hope of getting back, but they had made many mistakes and would have died of something else if they hadn't died when they did. Already around this time, it was noticed that a heavy storm had been raging and that the expedition had lost the steering lines at departure, and experienced polar explorers surmised already before that the expedition couldn't have got very far and had likely been forced down on the ice.

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Finally the remains of the three men were found in by the Norwegian Bratvaag Expedition which picked up remains including two bodies. Notebooks, diaries, photographic negatives, the boat and many utensils and other objects were recovered. King Gustaf V delivered an oration, and the explorers received a funeral with great honors.

August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)
August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)
August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)
August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)
August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)
August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)
August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)
August Ice (2nd Edition) August Ice (2nd Edition)

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